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Reasons Your AC Isn’t Controlling Indoor Humidity Effectively

1 August 2022
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Stuffiness, combined with summer heat, creates uncomfortable conditions that, if severe, can make the home unbearable. To avert this, an air conditioner expels heat from the air as it simultaneously dehumidifies it. However, the appliance could be faulty if you notice a heavy and musty atmosphere while your AC runs. Therefore, you should hire the services of an AC technician to diagnose your system for malfunctions and remedy it for optimum indoor humidity levels. Read More …

Discover The Important Benefits Of Air Duct Cleaning

13 July 2022
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Unfortunately, with the air ducts in their home being safely tucked out of sight, many homeowners never even stop to think about all the dust, dirt, and debris that builds up inside these ducts over time. As a result, many of these same homeowners never choose to utilize air duct cleaning services. This is really quite unfortunate because air duct cleaning provides several important benefits for homeowners. You can learn more about three of these important benefits by reading below. Read More …

Has Your Outdoor AC Unit Stopped Working? 4 Causes

20 June 2022
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The outdoor AC unit ejects heat and condensate to the exterior of your home. Therefore, when your outdoor unit fails, it can cause heat and water retention in the AC. If left unchecked, this issue might cause other components to overheat and water to spill from the unit. Remember that a failed compressor won't circulate the refrigerant effectively, resulting in warm air from the vents. To avoid such situations, you should contact an AC specialist as soon as you detect an anomaly in your outdoor unit. Read More …

4 Reasons To Invest In A Window Air Conditioner

26 May 2022
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Are you looking for residential air conditioning options which will beat the heat and cold without skyrocketing your bills? You are probably considering a central air conditioner. While central air conditioners are a popular option, they aren't your only option. Window air conditioners are often overlooked but offer numerous advantages. Here are four reasons to opt for a window air conditioner. Cost-Effective Window air conditioners are affordable to purchase, operate, and maintain. Read More …

Spot Central AC Problems So You’ll Know When To Call For Repairs

4 May 2022
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If you have central air conditioning for your home, you are probably interested in making sure that you are going to have nice cool air throughout your home all summer long. The last thing you would want is for your air conditioning system to completely stop working, causing the temperature inside of your home to rise to uncomfortable levels. To avoid that, you will want to learn about central AC problems that can arise so you can quickly call for repair work before the problem gets worse. Read More …

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